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with HALFA, Ulrich Hauk, Claudia Kallscheuer, Christophe Laudamiel, Ev Pommer, Nike Schroeder und Constanze Vogt

12. July - 24. August

Opening 11. July 7 to 11 23 pm

MIANKI Galerie 

Kalkreuthstrasse 15

10777 Berlin




24 August - 14 September

Opening: 24 August 3 - 10 pm

Heliumcowboy artspace

Bäckerbreitergang 75

20355 Hamburg



The mountains seen as characters being a part of the overwhelming nature have fascinated Jens Rausch for some time. There he can practice at best his artistic joy and procedural painting by experimenting on the subject. And clearly, this theme also appeals to him since this component of our world is massively transformed, particularly by the persistent climate change.

Under the title VERBERGUNGEN, Jens shows for the first time in our gallery brand new works as the second part of the continuous series BERGen.

On his quest for counterparts and parallels, Jens invents and creates new works; from lime, lead, gypsum, iron oxide, graphite. All mountain material. Although he sees himself rather in the tradition of painting, he literally crumples the material in a sculptural manner, then projects his painterly work, letting thus the material speak for itself. He allegedly only uses the materiality and process-related properties of the mountains as an opportunity to repeatedly generate coincidence and, because of the material properties, to create an imagery or, better, to create 'a mountain'.

These structures often oscillate between abstract and realistic, which repeatedly set the observer in motion in front of the work, as he will discover new perspectives with each change of position, view and direction. The mountain worlds of Jens Rausch are always based on geological terminologies: this is how 'creases' are created, also 'break edges', 'break folds', 'eroding creased mountains'. Upthrusts or plateaus. These are, literally, salvaged and dug works, which are hidden once and again by the material conditions and peculiarities, to be exposed themselves in layers like in the work 'sighting'. The artistic intention is equivalent thus to the natural processes and repeatedly tears open our presumed understanding of the complex, natural courses and processes.



12 September - 15 September

MIANKI Galerie 

airport Tempelhof

Hangar 4 - position B 13